Statement of Safety and Health Policy

Employees are our company’s greatest asset. We are concerned about our employees’ health and well being. Therefore, we must do all that we can to protect our employees from injuries and illnesses.

Management will provide a safe place to work. We will accomplish this by providing safe equipment, proper training, and safe methods and procedures. No job is so important that it cannot be accomplished without injury.
Efficiency depends upon the uninterrupted completion of tasks. Accidents interrupt operations. More important, accidents cause injury to employees. We must integrate hazard control into every operation. We will comply with every applicable standard and government regulation.

Management and employees must work together for the common goal of preventing accidents and providing a safe place to work. All employees are responsible for safety and health. Safety equipment must not be damaged, removed, or abused. Employees will observe all safety rules and procedures.

Supervisors will see that all rules and procedures are observed by their crews. They are responsible for maintaining safe work conditions.

Everyone at Site Engineering Inc. must accept an interest in the safety and health program. Together we can control hazards and prevent accidents. We require each employee’s full cooperation and help in making our company safety program successful.




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