City of Atlanta FC-4397, Sewer Rehabilitation, Group Two, Phase One, Contract A-1

Site Engineering, Inc. has completed three City of Atlanta federal consent decrees sewer rehabilitation projects. These contracts consisted of the rehabilitation of existing general sewer systems as defined in areas of small diameter sanitary sewer collection within the City of Atlanta

The primary rehabilitation method was Pipe Bursting with a limited degree of upsizing to the existing pipe diameter. Open cut sewer replacement and point repair work was also utilized on these projects to fully replace existing sanitary sewer mains that were in severe condition and could not be rehabilitated by a trenchless method. These projects required full and partial road closures, constant communication with the residents and businesses that were impacted along with communication with the local authorities and organizations in conjunction with the City of Atlanta Public Information Managers.

Owner: City of Atlanta, Department of Watershed management
Owner Contact: Daniel Lyekekpolor (
Engineer: City of Atlanta Program Management Team
SEI Project Manager: David Hess (

Work Performed:

Sewer Rehab

Open Cut & Pipe Bursting

Diameters: 8″ – 24″

Sub-aqueous (creek crossing)

Client: City of Atlanta, GA
Contract Amount: $21,448.963.00

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