Northwest Water and Sewer Improvements

The historic neighborhood in College Park had many homes being serviced by an existing 1-1/2″ water mains, as well as deteriorating sewer system. Site Engineering was awarded this project to upgrade the area to an 8″ water main system and to repair and replace certain portions of the sewer main. Sewer Repair and replacement methods used included pipe bursting, cured-in place pipe, open cut installation, and point repairs.

Owner: City of College Park
Owner Contact: Jesse Howard Sr. (
Engineer: Harper Engineering
SEI Project Manager: David Hess (

Work Performed:

Installation of new water & sewer mains

Sewer Point Repairs

Pipe Bursting

Cured-in Place pipe lining

Asphalt pavement replacement

Client: City of College Park, GA
Contract Amount: $1,406,726.00

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