Wastewater System (2012)

Site Engineering has held the Wastewater Services an on demand contract with Fulton County for multiple years. When requested due to an emergency situation Site Engineering responds within 2 hours of initial owner requests to proceed; having pumps, crews, and equipment on site to begin handling the sewer emergency.

Work Performed:

Nunnally Place Sewer: Sensitive access to sewer easement was achieved through a homeowner’s driveway. The existing PVC sewer line had its support completely eroded away and was leaking at several locations into a small tributary connecting to the Chattahoochee River. Work performed: 10in DIP gravity sewer, aerial crossings, stream crossings, rip rap, stream bank restoration, gabion baskets, erosion control, by pass pumping of sewer and storm water, clearing, driveway replacement, sod, concrete piers for pipe support, and restoration.

Cascade Road no. 1 & no. 2: Site Engineering had an emergency mobilization to two separate 30in trunk line sewer leaks along Utoy Creek . In a partnership with Sunbelt Pump & Power we were able to contain both spills within 6 hours of notification. Site Engineering then replaced the failed sections across Utoy Creek. Work performed: 24in – 30in DIP gravity sewer, 100 ft aerial crossing, driven caissons, piers, stream bank restoration, by pass pumping 24-7, erosion control, restoration.

Client: Fulton County
Date: February 15th 2012
Contract Amount: $3,050,000.00

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