Wastewater System (2010)

Site Engineering has held the Wastewater Services an on demand contract with Fulton County for multiple years. When requested due to an emergency situation Site Engineering responds within 2 hours of initial owner requests to proceed; having pumps, crews, and equipment on site to begin handling the sewer emergency.

Work Performed:

Maple and Elm St. Roswell Road: Site Engineering installed 1,500 lf of 8 in HDPE via trenchless pipe bursting technology. This was a challenging project located in the City of Roswell on a very narrow street in an existing neighborhood. Cooperating with homeowner’s to limit their inconvenience was utmost importance. Work required: by pass of sewer, aerial stream crossing, 15′ ht rubble retaining wall, 60 CY gabion baskets, 800 SY milling and overlay complying with exacting City of Roswell standards, in pavement sewer service connections, traffic control, full street detours, clearing, erosion control, landscaping, and restoration.

N Fulton Sewer Repairs: 2500 lf of 8in to 24in diameter open cut sewer installation. Through out multiple locations in N Fulton County replacing failing existing sewer lines with ductile iron pipe. Work required: by pass of sewer, aerial stream crossings, piers, up to 24 ft cut depths in roadways, paving, paving, Jack & Bore, erosion control, blasting, CCTV, clearing, and restoration.

Client: Fulton County
Date: October 2011
Contract Amount: $1,217,000

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