Farrell Creek-Chattahoochee Interceptor Upgrades

Site Engineering Inc contracted with Gwinnett County to install 100LF of Jack & Bore 36” Steel Casing (Dirt Bore), 250LF Jack & Bore 36” Steel Casing (Pilot Tube). 159LF 8” PVC Open Cut depths from 0’ – 7.99’, 6,520LF of 18” DIP open cut depths from 0’ – 17.99’. 182LF House Service Connection, 16 Sewer Cleanouts. Bypass Pumping 0-200 & 600-800, 6774LF Discharge <6”, 72” Doghouse Manhole, 324 VF 48” dia. Manhole (base, barrels and core), Abandon, Remove and Cut/Plug Existing Manholes. Temporary Stream Crossing, Wetlands, Streambank, Stream Buffer Restoration, R&R Riverstone Ditch Rock, R&R Gazebo & Shed, R&R Wood Fence/Deck, R&R Pavilion at Tennis Court, Grout fill existing sewer main. Along with Wetlands, Streambank and Stream Buffers Restoration.

Downloadable PDF: Ferrell Creek


Client: Gwinnett, GA
Location: Peachtree Corners, GA