Paces Valley Sewer Improvement and Stream Restoration

Site Engineering rehabilitated Nancy Creek through the City of Atlanta. Previously installed gabion baskets were improperly installed and were in a state of collapse. This collapse was threatening a 54in diameter sewer trunk line. An 800 linear foot of stream channel along the sewer easement was completely rehabilitated during this project. A unique design was created by the City of Atlanta’s Engineering department to utilize the existing gabions without complete removal and replacement in the areas least damaged. In addition several new gabions walls were installed through removal and replacement. To save trees a sanitary sewer line was replaced via trenchless technology – Micro tunneling. Also, a block granite wall was installed via mechanically stabilized earth was utilizing tenser grid fabric.

Downloadable PDF: Paces Valley Sewer Improvement and Stream Restoration


Client: Atlanta,Ga
Location: Atlanta, Ga