Pierce Drive Storm Drain Improvement

Pipe Installation – Open Cut (HDPE) 18-in to 48-in; Precast Headwall Installation; Precast Manhole Installation – 4 foot to 6 foot Diameter;  Tree Removal (6-in to 36-in Diameter); Sediment Barrier (Silt Fence Type S); Soil Stabilization -2500 SY; Removal of Asphalt Paving (4-in to 8-in thick); Remove Concrete Flatwork (4-in to 8-in thick); Asphalt Patching (1760 sf); Concrete Curb & Gutter (up to 24-in wide); Concrete Slab On-Grade.

Downloadable PDF: Pierce Drive Storm Drain Improvement


Client: City of Chamblee
Location: Chamblee, Ga