Ronald Regan Park Stream Restoration

The Park setting raised a high bar for the final visual appeal of the stream restoration. The maintained manicured lawns and ornamental landscaping proved a challenging backdrop to blend into. Funded as a stream restoration project however, stabilization was the number one priority – bank erosion had to be controlled. Many times these were easily met with the same solution: beautiful golden orange Tennessee Field Stone met both criteria. These boulders are equally pleasing in a manicured park setting and provide solid in stream structures. Primarily full stream cross vane structures were implemented creating pools and aeration for wildlife, also the drops and sounds of running water prove quite pleasing. The final vegetation would not prove a so easy solution – compromises had to be made in regards to full restoration with native grasses and dese tress versus the manicured turf grasses and sporadic shade tree placement for the park. A tense meeting between the stream design engineering team and the County Parks division reached a compromise to eliminate approximately 50% of trees & shrubs and create a no weed whacker zone along stream banks.

Download PDF Here: Ronald Regan Park Stream Restoration


Client: Gwinnett County
Location: Ronald Regan Park