Spalding Square Stream Restoration project was squeezed in between two town home developments. The proximity to inhabited residences would prove challenging throughout the project. Safety, vibration, and protection of the structures were of top concern. The stream becomes perennial about half way through the project, which is interesting on days to see no water at the top and then gradually walking to the end of the project to see continuous flow form from a few drops to a trickle. The trickle during drought conditions could lull one into a sense of complacency with this stream. During heavy rainfalls the storm run-off powers through the narrow channel, rising upwards of 8 feet. A series of cross vane structures were devised to reduce the erosive power of these storm events.

Download PDF here: spalding-square-stream-restoration


Client: Gwinnett County
Location: Peachtree Corners, GA
Value: $434,000.00