Cascade Road Emergency Sewer Repair

Location: Fulton County, GA
Contract Amount: $3,050,000
Owner: Fulton County




In emergency situations Site Engineering responds within 2 hours of initial owner requests to proceed; having pumps, crews, and equipment on site to begin handling the sewer emergency.

Cascade Road: Site Engineering had an emergency mobilization to two separate 30in trunk line sewer leaks along Utoy Creek. In a partnership with Sunbelt Pump & Power we were able to contain both spills within 6 hours of notification. Site Engineering then replaced the failed sections across Utoy Creek. Work performed: 24in-30in DIP gravity sewer, 100 ft aerial crossing, driven caissons, piers, stream bank restoration, by pass pumping 24-7, erosion control, landscaping, and restoration.

Work Performed:
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Trenchless – pipe bursting
  • Open cut install
  • Diameters: 8in-30in
  • Aerial Crossings – 100ft span
  • Stream Restoration
  • Paving, gabions
Owner Contact: Barney Whitaker
Engineer: Fulton County
SEI Project Manager: Paxton Billingsley
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