A large detention pond was excavated and planted with native plants. An ancient concrete holding tank, a relic of the waterworks, was cleaned and epoxy coated. This rehabilitated tank catches excess storm water from the detention pond for future irrigation. The large (60ft) diameter tank has a fountain in the center that operates daily. The small intermittent stream running through the water works area had significant erosion. A series of 14 Cross Vane structures were built. Uniquely, a 450 gallon per minute recirculation system pumps water from the detention pond 500 feet upstream assuring park visitors that the intermittent stream will be flowing everyday daylight hours. The waterworks is easily accessible via the North Fork Peachtree Creek pedestrian path, park at the tennis center and follow the pedestrian path for 1/4mile and the waterworks will be visible from the first bridge. The recirculating water feature and water tank fountain have proved to be a popular park amenity with visitors.

Download PDF here: mason-mill-historic-decatur-


Client: DeKalb County
Location: North Fork Peachtree Creek
Value: $1,132,000.00