FAA Atlanta Waterline Rehabilitation Project

Location: Hampton, GA
Contract Amount: 2,218,178.55
Owner: Federal Aviation Administration







Site Engineering contracted with the FAA to replace and rehabilitate existing storm and sanitary sewer lines feeding into the Atlanta Air Traffic Control Center with CIPP UV liners and new 6” to 4” HDPE. This project required strict adherence to both federal and state regulations and the new water supply lines were all dug via directional drilling methods. Site Engineering oversaw 650 lf of 12” CIPP UV and 637 lf of 8” CIPP UV, and laid 600lf of 6” (HDD)HDPE and 500 lf of 4” (HDD) HDPE. All trenches were created with No Dig Technology.

Work Performed:

Directional Drilling(6” and 4”)
Valve Replacement
Erosion and Sediment Control
No Dig Technology
Pipe Jacking
Vacuum Excavation

Owner Contact: Adrian T. Bell
Engineer: PARSONS / Cody Areno
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
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