Pine Valley Drive

Location: Union City, GA
Contract Amount: 4,382,815.00
Owner: Fulton County Department of Public Works







Failures occurred downstream of Pine Valley Road on the 42 inch Deep Creek outfall. As the failures were being investigated another collapse occurred upstream on the Ring Power Crane property. The limits of the repairs were extended to encompass the lengths of sewer main impacted by corrosion. CCTV information confirmed 4,026 feet of damaged sewer main and manholes. The work that Site Engineering Inc. performed was 4,026 feet of sewer main repair, 30 vertical feet of new manholes, modifications to 14 manholes, roadway replacement, 280 feet of jack & bore, driveway replacement, seeding and sodding of disturbed area.

Work Performed:

4026 lf 48” Trenchless Sewer

Epoxy Rehab 8” Dia Manholes

8” DIP

Manhole Replacement

Jack and Bore

Driveway Replacement

Seed and Sod

Bypass Pumping 17,000 GPM

Owner Contact: Sam Tamakloe
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
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