North Davis and Landover Drive

Location: Stockbridge, GA
Contract Amount: $315,465.00
Owner: City of Stockbridge




The City of Stockbridge contracted Site Engineering Inc as part of the Annual On Call Water and Sewer Emergency and Operational Repair Contract to remedy a storm drain system that was failing, causing a local homeowner’s driveway to crack and creating an unsafe condition. Site arrived onsite and remediated the entire storm drain system, both underneath the driveway and to the outfall of the system. This  project required demolishing the existing storm drain system, laying 136 lf of 30” HDPE, 34lf of 30” RCP, 8 lf of 24” HDPE, and replacing 2 GDOT 1304 catch basins. Site also regraded the drainage ditch and lined it with Type III Rip Rap. The project was completed by replacing the existing pavement and curb and gutter and restoring the existing vegetation. The project required traffic control throughout the duration to ensure minimal disruption of traffic through the neighborhood.

Work Performed:

34lf of 30” RCP
136lf of 30” HDPE
8lf of 24” HDPE
Headwall Replacement
Catch Basin Replacement
Curb and Gutter, Pavement
Erosion Control
Traffic Control

Owner Contact: Decius Aaron
Engineer: Glenn J Athearn
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
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