Farrell Creek – Chattahoochee Interceptor Upgrades

Location: Norcross, GA
Contract Amount: $3,715,567.72
Owner: Gwinnett County




Site Engineering contracted with Gwinnett County to install 100LF of Jack & Bore 36” Steel Casing(Dirt Bore) and 250LF Jack & Bore 36” Steel Casing (Pilot Tube). Site Engineering installed an additional 159LF of 8” PVC Open Cut at depths from 0’ – 7.99’, 6, as well as 520LF of 18” DIP Open Cut at depths from 0’ – 17.99’. Site Engineering laid 182LF of house service connection and 16 sewer cleanouts. Project required bypass pumping at 0-200 and 600-800 GPM and 6774 LF of discharge <6”. Site Engineering built a Doghouse manhole and 324 VF of 48” diameter manhole (base, barrels, and core). Site Engineering completed the abandonment, removal, and cut/plug of existing manholes, as well as a grout fill of the existing sewer main. The project also included removal and replacement of Riverstone ditch rock, removal and replacement of a gazebo and shed, removal and replacement of a wood fence/deck, and removal and replacement of a tennis court pavilion. Project required a temporary stream crossing of Farrell Creek, and concluded with wetlands, streambank, and stream buffer restoration.

Work Performed:
  • 36in Steel Casing Jack and Bore
  • Open Cut 8in PVC
  • House Service Connections
  • Bypass Pumping
  • Stream Crossing
  • Wetland, Streambank, and Stream Buffer Restoration
Owner Contact: Mary Price
Engineer: Bill Crowder
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
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