Key Road Emergency Streambank Restoration

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Contract Amount: $815,000
Owner: City of Atlanta




The City of Atlanta lead architect William Brigham worked closely with the design firm to incorporate a mixture of the latest design trends in stream bank restoration with the traditional methodology of gabion walls and rip-rap stabilization. Where possible, soil encapsulated lifts were installed with Rolanka Bio-D blocks – typically at higher elevations. The soil encapsulated lifts provide a natural surface of coconut fibers and dirt that enables plants and grass to grow that would normally be covered with type III rip-rap. In the actual channel a series of Cross-Vanes and J-Hooks were added along with benching a flood plain on the opposite side of the creek. These structures, in addition to reducing erosion and dissipating the creeks energy during high flow, provide excellent habitats for fish. The added aeration of the water helps increase the variety and quantity of water life. Site Engineering installed over 2000 CY of gabions and hauled in 600 tons of large toe rock boulders to complete the in stream structures. Erosion and sediment control measures were used throughout this project to minimize environmental impacts. BMP’s used included mulching, type C silt fence, coir fabric, stone filter dams, hay bale check dams, hay bale filters and sediment ponds for pumping water.  After the hardscape features had been completed, landscaping began. Seeding was done after final grading and installation of Rolanka BioD-Mat 70 blanket to support growth and development of vegetation.  Eight hundred live stakes were planted and all disturbed areas were seeded with a native grass seed mix prepared by Mellow Marsh Farms. Finally, native trees and bushes completed a very park like feel to the area with the accent of water tumbling over the cross vane structures.

Work Performed:
  • Stream Restoration
  • Gabions
  • Cross Vanes
  • J-hooks
  • Soil lifts
  • Paving
  • Landscaping
Owner Contact: William Brigham
Engineer: CH2M Hill
SEI Project Manager: Paxton Billingsley
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