Middle Yellow River Sewer Improvements

Location: Lilburn, GA
Contract Amount: 4,184,600
Owner: Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources




This project, right off Lake Lucerne, involved the installation of approximately 2400 LF and 24″ DIP, at 16′ to 24′ depths, and 100 LF of 8″ DIP gravity sewer, as well as 8 manholes and 1175 LF of 6″ to 8″ DIP main pipe along the Yellow River and Riverside Drive. 3 main fire hydrant assemblies also had to be installed, along with connections to two existing water mains. A river crossing through the Yellow River was constructed, requiring over 6600 gallons of bypass pumping for the duration. The project was completed with over 900′ of newly rebuilt road construction.

Work Performed:
  • Sewer Pipe Installation
  • Water main Installation
  • Bypass Pumping
  • River Crossing
  • Traffic Control
  • Restoration of Vegetation
Owner Contact: Greg Jackson
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
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