Standby Misc. Annual Fulton County Wastewater Contract

Location: Fulton County, GA
Contract Amount: $6,330,037.31
Owner: Fulton County Department of Public Works




Site Engineering Inc. (SEI) performed work on short notice for 19 job sites across Fulton County as part of an annual Water and Sewer services contract, which was renewed twice. SEI worked on a variety of emergency and non-emergency projects across the county. Job requirements included HOBAS sliplining, temporary stream crossings, bypass pumping above 6600 GPM, constructing a temporary and permanent pedestrian bridge, and stream rehabilitation, in addition to laying a large amount of Sewer Main pipe.

Work Performed:

7641 LF of 42-30” HOBAS

5080 LF of 8-42” HDPE

>6600 GPM Bypass Pumping

HOBAS Sliplining

Temporary Stream Crossing

Stream Rehabilitation

Owner Contact: Sam Tamakloe
SEI Project Manager: David Hess
Previous Project
Middle Yellow River Sewer Improvements
Next Project
City of Atlanta Sewer Rehabilitation, Group Two, Phase One